Antritts-PK at PSG: Messi wants to fulfill his dream — KICKE

The tears are dried. On a historical day for the football world, as PSG-President Al-Khelaifi spelled in an introductory, Lionel Messi instead had to grin again and again, for which the crazy reception of the fans had taken care of on Tuesday.

Nobody is ready to experience such a thing so suddenly, Messi said, who thanked club, that everything went so fast: Many feelings have gone through my body in record time. Now, however, the 34-year-old is happy, even if the farewell of Barcelona was very hard.

Through the PSG catacombs

A long way: Lionel Messi Gang to the press conference

It was also possible to lose weight to the Argentine on Wednesday morning, Messi was ambitious: I still have the same enthusiasm I had as a child; I want to start training as soon as possible; I want to win further — I’ll come to this club.

Messi before individual preparation

It is an extraordinary team, but also one who has many acquaintances and friends in the Messi according to their own statement. The team, therefore, will turn much for the exceptional player and the other exceptional players. To win the Champions League, you need a strong, closed team, Messi emphasized in his approach PK, on ​​which Al-Khelaifi did not make a secret of what his world selection has in mind: Now the hard work begins, We have not won anything yet.

The other teams have become better.

Lionel Messi about the Ligue 1

The order is Champions League, even if the Ligue 1 is very nice. PSG helped very much by bringing great players to the league, which has improved the other teams, says Messi. That’s why he did not come to Paris. I’ve always said that it is my dream to win the CL again, the new number 30 formulated almost threatening. I think I’m right here. — voice

I’m paralyzed: Messis Emotional farewell speech in the video

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