Atlas: Sea of Wonders Update now available for PC and Xbox

Gavin Dunne (born May 6, 1980), better understood by the name of his music project Miracle of Sound, is an Irish indie musician recognized for his music influenced by computer game, movies, and also television programs. While not commonly known in his home country of Ireland, his songs is popular with the online video gaming neighborhood, and he has been described as Ireland s most effective indie musician. Miracle of Noise is usually a one-man-band, though Dunne occasionally teams up with various other musicians and singers. His songs vary extensively in style, generally utilizing a style that ideal fits the song s topic; these have consisted of rock, pop, digital rock, difficult rock, heavy steel, alternate rock, tribal music, dubstep, jazz, and also even doo-wop.

The new Update Sea of ​​Wonders to Atlas lays the foundation for the first miracle that is introduced to the next patch. Wonders are huge, independent structures that grant permanently powerful buffs to the controlling company! Every miracle can only exist once per server, which means a great review of the company it has built.

While it waits for the miracle system to be fully introduced, companies with the construction of monuments can start using the unique resources that they find at the new power hubs. After players have collected these resources, they can choose one of three types of large, customizable monuments: damaged totem, tomb mound and cursed temple. Once a company has a monument, it can start making the components needed to build a miracle!

The world of Atlas was also expanded! Visit six new areas based on geographic sites:

ROOKIE COVE: All scouts in peace skip over the seas, orient themselves and then test their newly acquired skills until they feel good and progress with full sailing! Central Waters: The largest area in the game houses a healthy mix of tropical islands, but also an ancient evil from the myths of Atlantis. Can you find all force stones and defeat the biggest challenge? South America: A region that houses tropical / equatorial areas. However, there seems to be weak songs in this region. Will you be able to find the source of this hidden force? Africa: A region where the hottest desert islands in the world can be found. Crocodiles, toxic snakes and lots of sand are at home in this region. Antarctic: The hardest climate below freezing, icebergs, penguins and illusory yetis populate the islands here. North Pole: The North Pole is similar to Antarctic, only north. The same icy weather, but maybe the treasures here are the crucial difference.

To travel between the places, players can now discover the newly added portals, an ancient Atlantic technology that allows ships to quickly cross the extended globe.

Here you can watch the Atlas Sea of ​​Wonders Trailer:



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