Call of Duty Update: Vanguard Add an experimental playlist

  • Chariot Barrel Rapid 18 “(Bar)
  • Decrease in recoil when shooting.
  • 50 round loaders BMG 20/30 (bar)
  • Decrease in horizontal recoil.
  • Engineer (Perk 2)
  • Players equipped with Engineer Perk will no longer have their coded radar while a counter-spy enemy can be active.
  • Note: This change was implemented on March 22.
* Players can no longer appear in squadmates that are found on a disputed basis.

* The lethal and tactical equipment is no longer recharged immediately when you buy a field improvement in a shopping station.

* Players will no longer reappear with weapons equipped from the ground.

* The Victoria user interface and defeat at the end of a match were improved.

* An exploit was solved that allowed players within the protected area of ​​a own base to be killed by Goliath Field Upgrade.
* The plans can now be equipped in the game classified and appear in the game with the correct images.

* Restricted attachments are marked on Create-A-Class and are automatically deleted if the Blueprint is equipped in the game.



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