Cod can have spin-off focused on Ghost, reveal developers

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2 min readDec 2, 2022

Call of Duty franchise games have several operators, but among them there is one that always catches the attention of players… Ghost. Of course, he is present in Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2, but what if there was a spin-off focused on this operator, telling his story and revealing more about the character? This can be something possible…

developers make it clear that they want ghost spin-off

In an interview with our IGN partners, Infinity Ward narrative director and modern Warfare 2 chief screenwriter Jeffrey Vagus and ian Bloom, respectively revealed that they have ideas for a spin-off focused on Ghost, one of the most popular characters in franchise.

According to both, a game starring Ghost who revealed his story and more about the mysterious operator is in the plans. In addition, they also want to do the same with other relevant franchise characters.

Leaker reveals that paid expansion is already underway

A well-known leaker in the middle of Duty, Charlie intel, has noted that the expansion of Modern Warfare 2 is already underway. We already knew that the game has two confirmed LCS.

Considering that we will have a huge DLC in 2023 and the fact that the Leakers claim that it is already underway, besides the interview with IGN talking about Ghost. It is likely that the spin-off with the character is already being produced and next year we will have access.

The idea is that this expansion is like a game apart and will have the price of an integral game. It has been confirmed that we will not have a new Call of Duty by 2024, so that the life of War zone and MW2 will be two years. These LCS, which will function like new games need considerable content and relevance in history. Who better to star in this than Ghost?



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