Diablo 4: Breaking Down The Almighty Akarat, Dia 4 Cinematic Trailer

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4 min readFeb 2, 2023

In 2019, when rumored about Diablo 4, Blazon and Cinematic Trailer ‘Three people’ led the crowd with hot cheers, and the full-fledged information disclosure began. Blizzard’s trailer video always showed great quality, and Diablo 4 did not lose expectations.

Later, with the update news, videos were introduced gradually during the job trailers and various developments. I want to take time to look at the trailers and related videos from Diablo 4 to now.

Cinematic Trailer-First Public & Release Date

First, it is a cinematic trailer with high quality graphics and has the same graphics as a movie.

■ The first public cinematic trailer ‘Three people will come’

The desperate prayer phrase of the clergy, ‘Almighty Ararat City, Protect Me with Eternal Light’, gathered a big topic and sublimated with memes. This video, which allows you to create a fear with a dark and terrible atmosphere and intuition of the atmosphere of Diablo 4, was first unveiled on November 2, 2019, at Blazon.

In this trailer, the creepy visual of the devil ‘Limit’, which is the signboard of Diablo 4 and the main Bill an, has been released, and the mysterious man who summons the release is also noteworthy.

The video is about 9 minutes, which is quite long for the trailer, but it shows a deep immersion that feels short.

■ Announcement Trailer

About three years later, on December 9, 2022, TGA2022, with the release of Diablo 4’s new cinematic trailer, the release date for June 6, 2023 was also revealed.

The priests and the human army, who walks barefoot over the lava and shows the feeling of ‘fanatic’, focus on their eyes, and the angel, Ignatius, who shows a simple sacred overwhelming feeling while expressing light silently.

In contrast, the devils hidden in the dark confront and the two camps with angel gestures show the sacredness and fear at the same time to match the words of the awe. And as he throws his spear to the Limit at the end of his gaze, a huge scale couple fight is foretold.

Various videos-barbarians, elemental artists, druids, thieves, necromancer

■ First Game Play Trailer

In 2019, Blazon’s first cinematic spirituality, as well as barbarians, elemental artists, and druids of three jobs were released.

The barbarian who appeared in many series was a familiar close battle and a unique arsenal system, and he was able to carry up to four weapons, and the elemental artist was ice/lightning/fire magic like Diablo 2, the last work. I was able to see this informative.

In addition, Druid went to the humans, bears and wolves smoothly and found that they had more progressive play style than before. As it was an early video, there was a part that was not trimmed compared to the recent video, but it was enough to know how each job felt.

Among them, barbarians were close to the quarterly update notes in June 2021, and a video was also released with various equipment to look closely at modeling.

■ Rogue Trailer

Since then, the remaining two jobs have been introduced one after another. First, it was revealed on February 20, 2021, which was released on Blazon Line, and showed a thief story at Diablo. It was impressive to put the ears, a friendly object, for Diablo Series fans.

In gameplay, I was able to see the stylish look that covers both distance and short range. The bow was fired, the raining of the arrow was lowered, the rid of the light, the retreat, the dagger, and quickly approached the demon, and the devil was able to check the light and speedy battle.

■ Necromancer Trailer

And on June 14, 2022, the Trailer of the Dynasty was also released at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. Even if despised by the world, the dark hero’s face was emphasized to protect the sanctuary, and the profession fantasy of the necromancer was also faithful, such as cutting the wicked neck and reviving the body.

Story video consisting of in-game graphics was first released, and gameplay showed approximately with other jobs in the developer showcase video.

In addition, weapons and equipment videos containing modeling with shields and magic rods, including the new weapon of the necromancer, were also introduced in the quarterly update notes. In addition, the basic forms of bone types that cause physical damage, the dark type of darkness, and the defensive blood type skills were also confirmed.

Video during development, including monsters, sound, visual effects

In addition to these trailers, various videos of being developed were released with the notes of developers who were released quarterly. As it has been developed and introduced over the years, it may be a bit unfortunate than recently, but it contains valuable information such as art, effects, monsters, objects, and sounds that will help you guess what Diablo 4 will look like.

■ Monster and other modeling

The modeling of various monsters can also be explored, and various demons such as the ‘cannibal’ monster video and some player characters, Cerberus and Succubus, were introduced. The cannibal monster video has an age limit, so you can see it directly.

■ Sound

In addition, various sounds that will be heard in the game have been introduced. For a vivid effect, there are scenes that use a variety of props in deserts and studios, and the results can be heard through the various features applied to the game. In particular, the sound effect video of each region is about 1 hour of natural sound, so it was okay to listen like ASMR.

■ Visual effect, background art

In addition, various visual effects, which are important elements of gameplay, and various videos are introduced. In particular, it is worth noting that various rooms are applied to melt realistic rendering in the visual effect part.



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