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2 min readMar 11, 2022

Epic again distributes a new gift to all PC players — and it has it in them! Because with Cities: Skylines there is one of the probably best games for fans of city showers. But as always, the game is free for a short time free — so you have to hurry!

Epic gives away Cities: Skylines

For users of Epic Games Stores there is a reason for pleasure: this weekday has just been published. And while the games were rather a little disappointment in the last week, there is a proper blast this time: Cities: skylines.

Cities: Save Skylines now for free at EPIC Games

The City Building Hit represents the absolute coronation of the genres for many fans, because Cities: Skylines offers you a lot of opportunities to pull up and customize your own city. **

In the game, it is your task to pound a small town from the ground and gradually build on the metropolis **. However, with growing population you have to ask you more and more problems. Because your population needs not only residential buildings and a workplace, but also a secured energy supply, a functioning infrastructure, a wastewater system, hospitals, fire brigade and police stations and many other facilities.

Who does not comply with this task, must expect consequences . For when your angry residents start to leave the city, the your sophisticated system can quickly go to collapse and your main source of income.

Free game only a short time available

Who wants to secure Cities: skylines for free, but must hurry — the countdown is already running. The game is only available for free between 10 March at 5:00 pm and March 17 at 17:00 . Thereafter, the free offer of Epic Games changes again.



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