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I wonder what is happening with these Warner Bros. Discovery ads? Do you want a place where you can come to see everything that Warner Bros has announced. Discovery this week? Well, it has come to the right place, since many ads are being made this week, and monitoring them can be quite confusing.

However, before going into details, there are a couple of facts that are crucial to remember with respect to this company. First, it is important to remember that Warner Bros. and Discovery merged to form Warner Bros. Discovery when the merger was finished in April 2022. The union was directed by David Zaslav, the man who was previously executive director and president of Discovery; Once he finished the merger, he was in charge as executive director and president of Warner Bros. Discovery.

It may also ask why all this news is published today, which leads to the second point: today there was a gain report of the second quarter. During today’s meeting, since it was the first full report that was made with the freshly merged company, Zaslav had to show investors the growth of income and subscribers of their services or the plan to achieve these things; The focus of this call, in particular, being the latter.

With that out of the way, this is everything you need to know about Warner Bros. discovery ads made during the first week of August.

Fusion of HBO Max Discovery+

Image Source: HBO Max Image Source: Discovery +

The most important news that arises from the call, but probably the least surprising, is that Warner Bros. Discovery plans to combine the two services, HBO Max and Discovery+. In addition, due to today, any CNN content is likely to also be included in this new service. The merger seems to take place in the summer of 2023, but, of course, this is subject to changes.

The company considers that the combination of HBO and Discovery is extremely complementary, citing that each brand has strengths that are going very well together. While we do not have a name for this new service, we know that it will have different price levels, the most expensive without ads, one with light ads and another with many ads. Warner Bros. Discovery also seeks to have a transition plan for current HBO Max and Discovery+ subscribers so that the largest number of people are transferred.

focus on theater

Image source: variety

Something that is important for the future of Warner Bros. Discovery, which probably resulted in the next entries in this list, is that Warner Bros. The side of things will change the approach again towards the release of movies for cinemas. Not only this, but the company also states that it wants to make sure that all the content they are publishing is worthy of being in theaters.

Batichica and Scob! The sequel is canceled

Image Source: Warner Bros.

The most important headlines of the week are, without a doubt, the cancellation of Batgirl and the sequel of Scob!, With both films finished or very close. While rumors circulate on whether these films had good quality or not, it seems that the decision to cancel these images is mainly due to Warner Bros. Discovery decides to focus on theatrical premieres and quality.

It is very likely that the decision is due more to the fact that the company did not want to launch these films in cinemas, in which its new strategy focuses. It does not mean that these films did not have enough quality for a transmission service, only that Warner Bros. Discovery considered them not good enough for cinemas and decided, however, recover at least some of their losses canceling them for fiscal purposes. If Warner Bros. Discovery, in fact, makes these projects deduct taxes, which means that, unfortunately, there is a great possibility that these films will never watch daylight.

DC has a 10-year plan in the future

Image Source: DC.com

Zaslav also mentioned that a plan for DC is currently being created, which will involve the next 10 years of brand content. Zaslav even mentioned Kevin Feige and Bob Iger as influences in this decision due to the success of the UCM. This is not surprising at all, since Warner Bros. Discovery has even hired Iger as a consultant for its content in the future, presumably to help with brands such as DC. This DC plan seems to rely more on the commercial side of things and not on the creative side, so we will have to wait and see if the DC projects in the future are different from how they look now.

Zaslav has specifically cited characters within DC that value such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, which means that Aquaman 2 is probable is still underway. Other films that have been cited this week as still on the billboard are Black Adam, Shazam! 2 and flash. In addition, with Joker 2 just choosing Lady Gaga and setting a date, this movie seems safe for the moment. The Green Lantern program also has some contradictory reports on whether or not it has been canceled, but for the moment, it seems that you can still opt for HBO Max and/or as it is called this latest transmission service that will be launched next year.

Cleado vs. unscripted

Image Source: Culture Crave

One of the main novelties of the company seems to be looking at the content in two different ways, with a script and without script, especially with respect to this next transmission service. Zaslav seems to look specifically at HBO as a more content provider with script and discovery as a supplier of more content without script.

In addition, a rumor that has been circulating is that Warner Bros. Discovery plans to eliminate 70% of the script staff in HBO Max, but because Zaslav did not confirm it, this is still a rumor. So, unless Warner Bros. Discovery plans to hire a ton more of people, it seems to be a little more unlikely, although it takes it with a salt grain since nothing has been confirmed in any direction.

Other note ads

Image Source: Culture Crave

As for some other things with respect to the ads made by Warner Bros. Discovery this week, in the first place, there will be an approach to the content for new in the future, and the brands will focus less on the content specifically addressed to the children. It was rumored that this was the case after the cancellation of the Little Ellen series earlier this week, but the company seems to have verified it.

A second thing worth pointing out is that Zaslav confirmed the franchises in particular that the company is valuing more, including some DC superheroes, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Shark Week and 90 Day Fiance. However, this is not so surprising, since these are possibly most of the ones that generate the most money in the two merged companies.

That is everything you need to know about Warner Bros. discovery ads made this week. made by the company.

Outstanding Image Source: Warner Bros. Discovery

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