Gesta 2021 Game Cosplay Awards Open

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] Gesta 2021 Gesta 2021 Game Cosplay Awards is held for game culture activation.

Gesta 2021 Game Cosplay Awards will reproduce the appearance of characters in the game and to experience the various joy of the Cosplay, and the main line is held on the Jupa 2021 field special stage, which is held in Becstekko, which is held at Becisco.

The Gusta Organizing Committee has been receiving applicants who will participate in Game Cosplay Awards through official homepage from October 28, and the reception finish is from November 11th until 6 pm.

Despite the online progress of last year, the Gauta Games Cosplay Awards, which have been in the high participation and the response, is expected to have a higher costly costume than last year in the fierce competition this year.

Anyone who likes games such as an individual or Cosplay club, and anyone will participate, and the connection site will live through the GSTV channel.

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On the other hand, from 10 am to 10 am, the Gima official homepage will be launched through the official website of Public Day (10:00 am on November 18–21, 10:00 pm to 6:00 pm). One person is available for each date, and the sale is finished on the 16th, and the sale can be earlyed early when the sales of all tickets are completed before 6:00 pm on sale.

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