God of War Ragnarok Legendary Chests Alfheim: Where to Find everyone?

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3 min readNov 22, 2022

The legendary chests of God of War Ragnarök are responsible for much of the improvements that the game has. When opening Legendary Chest, you can find rare equipment, light runic attacks and heavy runic attacks.

In this guide we show the location of Álfheimr’s legendary chests. In total, the kingdom of the elves has 12 legendary chests, but for now, this article has only the eight that can be found on the first visit to Álfheimr.

The legendary Strond-Baú 1/8

Arriving very close to the Álfheimr Temple, you will have to kill some enemies after the door is unlocked with the Stone of Dusk. Simply go down in the area on the left when you see the white markers on the edge. Below will be Álfheimr’s first legendary chest, as well as a Kasia poem.

  • Light Runic Attack: Said Game

Temple of Legendary Light 2, 3 and 4

When climbing the temple, you will find the ight edge indicated by the first image below. Go down this hole, eliminate the enemies and scour the corner a little to find the chest.

  • Light Runic Attack: Hades’s retribution

When you need to move a mechanism to change the level of a dusk stone, open the door to the right to a small puzzle that leads to a new legendary chest. First, direct the crystal so that the ax sinks on the opposite wall. Then release the mechanism to lift the current and then take the ax back, eaking the seal that holds the chest.

  • Relic: Gram Fist

Even later in the temple, you will find yourself in a room containing surfaces where Rates can cling to. Go to the small left platform: You will see you can make a pendulum with the dusk stone using the blades. Throw the ax to ricochet and destroy the crystal that prevents access to the chest.

  • Accessory: Rune-made release

Legendary arid lands 5, 6 and 7

In the Giant Skeleton of Leviathan in the middle of the desert. There are a good amount of enemies here, so defeat all before accessing the legendary chest that is close to a poem.

  • Waist armor: splendor belt

In the structure right north of the arid lands. The area has some points of interest, including a legendary chest, as well as many enemies.

  • Pulse armor: splendor gauntlets

Southwest of the area, you will find a small slit to infiltrate (the place is indicated by a blue flag). Here we will have to play the ricochet again. Stay near the memane near the chest, then throw the ax into the st1. Then recover it at the speed of light to cut the third and last substance in the same gesture. It is a little boring to hit the exact angle of the first.

  • Shield Complement: Road of distress

The Legendary Background 8/8

Just complete the secondary mission Secret of Sands. The chest will be on the way to Rates at the end of the favor.

  • Chest armor: Shoulder lanes of splendor



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