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What a bitter irony. Just in the game one to Messi, the FC Barcelona will play in front of spectators, 30,000 are allowed to Camp Nou. What a circle closes — the last game before fans, Barça carried in March 2020. Opponents then like today: Real Sociedad.

But what will you get to see? Is Barça just a torso without its superstar, ie: Is the big FC Barcelona now a head smaller?

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A short thumbs up: Messis farewell to the airport of Barcelona

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Whether Ronald Koeman, Gerard Piqué or the new captain Sergi Busquets, they told more or less all the same thing about the topic. Messi is not to be replaced, but what do we have for another choice? Somehow we have to try it. Thanks Leo that you have lifted Barcelona on the highest level and written history, said Busquets at his address in the context of the Trofeo Joan Gamper. Koeman look despite the leaving of Messi optimistic about the coming season. We are very pleased with our team, the transfers and the young players.

Jorge Messi pours oil into the fire

But skepticism is more than appropriate. It is rather end-time instead of spare mood, especially as suggesting that not only financial problems with the Messi misery were decisive. Anyone who is to blame that his son no longer games for Barca, father and consultant Jorge Messi was asked. His meanswing answer: You want to know who is responsible? Find out in the club.

Should keep trains that there was a possibility to keep Messi, that should steadily stalk the folk macle. How big this is, Samuel Umti already got to feel. Because the selling candidate did not leave the way to create any resources for a Messi whereabouts, he became merciless at the Gamper Cup. Sometimes you rather silence and let the silence be taken over the things, the Frenchman said.

Can Barcelona can even register the new?

The fact that Umtii is still not excluded, because: Barcelona has to margin despite Messis farewell to fulfill players to meet the Financial Fair Play of La Liga. Until Friday, new arrivals must be registered, which will run against San Sebastian on Sunday, this will take week after week until September 1st. Who has not yet been registered until then can not be used until January. Only then does the next registration phase begin.

Thus, the lengthy violation of Sergio Aguero has at least a bit positive for the Catalans. He does not have to be registered for the time being, also new entry Eric Garcia will probably fall away at the season opener after Em- and Olympic Straplaszen. Barcelona must only only emerson (for nine million thanks to a repurchase clause of Betis) and Memphis Depay must sign up until Friday. According to Marca, however, this would not even be possible, the billions deal should not come about with CVC against the Real Madrid legally. On Thursday he should be fixed.

The latter one could most likely give the predicate hope carrier. Depay, as well as Aguero and Garcia have come free of free, MAKEMAN. And Koeman likes Depay. From this, the two Dutchlands do not make a secret. Everyone knows that I want to play for Koeman, the 27-year-old had already said during the European Championship. Since the deal was not even fix. When victory against Juventus Turin in the Gamper Cup (3: 0) he promptly hit 1: 0.

Turning Griezmann & Co. without Messi?

And of course, opportunities for Antoine Griezmann, Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembelé offer themselves from kicking out the great shadow of the superstar. The Jungsar’s Pedri and Ansu Fati, who is at least trained again after lengthy injury break, will (still) get more game practice. The fact that the shaky defense has been strengthened with Garcia and Emerson for years is also positive. Also Marc-André Ter Stegen is likely to breathe.

But is that enough to make a word about the championship, yes even the Champions League title? After all, Real and Atletico Madrid did not have any personnel quantum jumps that competition at national level seems to be within easy reach.

Aguero and the injuries

But that Barcelona will also play an outstanding role internationally, it is already a bit of fantasy — not least because of Aguero and its injuries. The 33-year-old has been missing 24 games in the past season because of Knee and thigh injuries at Manciness, ten were added again because of a positive Corona test. Now the calf, he will probably miss eight games.

A striker of his format would urgently need Barcelona to be able to have a wreath about the Henkel Cup. Whether he is physically able to help Barça? If you look back on the past months, a big question mark remains. On Sunday you will be a lot of smarter, the opponent is with the table fifth of the preseason Real Sociedad yes not exactly a lightweight. The said game in March 2020 against the Basque, By the way, Barcelona had won 1–0. Scorer by penalty: Lionel Messi. Messi.tv — voice ## I’m paralyzed: Messis Emotional farewell speech in the video All videos in the overview

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