Many thanks to Wagner: U 20 strikes Romania

For the group of train Hannes Wolf it was the second win in the 2nd video game of the global season, most just recently the German U 20 dominated 2–1 versus Poland. In front of 3700 spectators, the team began highly after short start-up difficulties and also achieved rows. Thanks to the Romanian goalkeeper Border, the hosts in Arab, Romanian, handled to keep no.

Especially Keri Calhanoglu (FC Schalke 04) stood out of the German selection, stopped working in the 28th min by lifting on the aluminum and a short time later on came close to the goal (37th). FC Nuremberg) likewise came on excellent opportunities, however missed the last precision in the end (32nd, 37th).

The group of Wolf continues at the end of the year: The Czech Republic on the 16th, Norway on the 19th and also Portugal’s selection on November 22nd.

After the break, Germany continued, once more the striking Calhanoglu accentuated himself, yet regardless of great opportunities, the round was once again unable to fit the round in the Romanian box (47th, 62nd). Wagner still cracked the Romanian defense bar: The Freiburg levered the offside catch, placed the ball on the internet and therefore made certain the German leadership in the 74th min.

Keeper Samuel Poll (TSG Cofferdam II) was also able to identify himself quickly before completion when the goalkeeper pacified a harmful final thought with a strong parade (86. ). So the German U 20 was able to make the 2nd victory perfect within 4 days.



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