MapleStory 2 — Crazy Heavy Gunner PVP Spike Skill Plus Point Method

Heavy Gunner is the spokesperson of modern scientific weapons. He is armed with heavy machine guns, full of ammunition and proficient in weapons. He is the king of the PVP battlefield. He easily uses various sophisticated weapons to suppress enemies and cause devastating damage to the enemy.

Positioning: Heavy Gunner,PVP
Difficulty: ★★★★★
Attack: ★★★★☆
Defensive: ★★☆☆☆
Weapons: Heavy machine gun

Heavy Gunner has a strong physical attack, with the strongest remote burst and control, is the first choice for PVP. It is also the fastest career to restore Spirit and has a constant attack. A better-operated Heavy Gunner, that is the PVP Terminator. Heavy Gunner is a long-range attacking professional with a heavy machine gun. The heavy body is still a good attack speed. It is too easy to break out the ideal attack in a short time. On the PVP field, he encountered a Heavy Gunner that he would play, which is a headache for many players.

Heavy Gunner is loved by many PVP players and is the first choice for PVP. However, the addition of skills is also a learning, PVP skills can be described as a variety of different, here U4gm to share with you a kind of PVP plus points and skill combinations!

Talent skills:

Reload: Heavy Gunner does not automatically restore Spirit, is to use Reload to restore Spirit, this skill has no CD, can be used after standing That is, the skills of the full state, calculating the time, restoring Spirit or the fastest in the whole profession, need to be proficient, when both sides of the Spirit are exhausted, you can immediately recover, what is the feeling of the opponent?

Jet Boots: Airflow impacts behind you can interrupt your other skills, usually used to speed up, can be used to avoid the opponent’s attack turn direction.

Bullet Spray: Single attack, beginner skill, this skill is basically useless but still points to 4 points.

Gatling Fire: Group attacks, beginner skills, as a premise of Lock-on, must be added. Added 3 points here to be used as an overkill.

Lock-on: Automatically locks, increases the hit and penetration of the target, plus 1 point, is an automatic aiming sniper, can be easily aimed at wherever your opponent runs.

Magnetic Bomb: Attracting monsters together. Add 6 points, hit the opponent will not be able to jump in a certain period of time, use the opponent’s jump point to suck the other side together.

Rocket Launcher: After launching, it has a burning effect like a volcano. It has a good explosive power. Add 4 points. As long as you hit the opponent, he has already lost half of it. This skill can’t last hit and can only be used to block the opponent’s position. The effect is still relatively good. Ok.

Stun Grenades: CD is short, average damage is high, with stunning ability, plus 8 points, Heavy Gunnerpvp’s most powerful skills, there will be a great chance that the beating will be stunned, basically 100% dizzy.

Electric Blast: Heavy Gunner’s strongest bursting ability with a repelling effect and a long distance. Can be used to launch, add 8 points, as long as you hit the opponent will be taken far away, the damage caused by the three paragraphs is very scary.

Homing Missiles: You can hit the target directly without aiming, causing damage. Add 7 points. When PVP, we often run and jump, so we can avoid the opponent’s attack.

Suborbital Bombardment: A bit like a flying pet, with 12 seconds of appearance time, plus 1 point, was originally a one-on-one PK, suddenly turned into a second dozen, although it is 12 seconds but can also be a half-residual.

M-Bomb: Airdrop bomb, the damage is very high, but there is a delay, plus 1 the point, you need to judge in advance to play high damage, but most of them are used to block the position.

Heavy Gunner operation needs to make skillful skill connection, in order to avoid the shortboard perfectly, kill your opponent, explore more exercises, improve the damage of Heavy Gunner, let your attack hit your opponent, players who like PVP must not miss.

The above is the whole content of this issue. If you want to know more about MapleStory 2 Raiders, you can refer to MapleStory 2 Classes. If you purchase MapleStory 2 Mesos through this article, you will get 5% discount. Finally, I wish you all. Happy, see you next time.

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