MapleStory 2 Galloping Shooter — Archer PVP Advanced Tutorial

Archer is not very strong in all professions. In the eyes of many people, it is the career of the BUFF. Although Archer is a T2 output professional in Dungeons, the bow in the PVP is a T1 career. Senior PVP players know that Archer’s control skills are frightening, and only the Cavaliers are more restrained.
Next, go to the topic, Ezokay leads everyone to find out about Archer’s situation in PVP.

PVP ability (out of 5 stars)
Output: ★★★★
Control: ★★★★★
Output environment: ★★★★ (Long-distance displacement can only be used once, and close-up can be repeated 3 times in a row)
Attack type: remote attack, physical attack, ice fire attribute attack.

PVP plus point scheme

This program took Archer’s advantage to the extreme, giving up the skills of the Screwdriver Shot and Sharp Eyes Buff, Arrow Barrage and Arrow Storm. Because these two skills can cause the enemy to repel and stiffen, interrupt the enemy’s output rhythm. Eagle Claw can greatly reduce the enemy’s movement speed and jumping ability, whether it is to escape the enemy’s attack range, or when chasing the enemy, it is very easy to use. Evasive Salvo can both open the distance from the enemy and cause a knockback effect. Ice Arrow is also used as a slowdown skill. Agile Archer can enhance our defense penetration, increase DPS, and with a little dodge. Don’t underestimate this dodge. When you are lucky, you can avoid the enemy’s big move.

Attribute selection
Attribute priority: Hit > Defense Penetration > Remote Damage > Physical Resistance Penetration > Boss Damage > Physical Attack Power > Attack Speed.

Equipment property selection
First of all, let’s take a look at the attributes of jewelry. There are so many choices in the attributes of jewelry. It is not necessary to entangle which piece of jewelry to choose which attribute. We only need the result.
The upper limit of the current defense penetration property is 33%, while the upper limit of physical resistance penetration is 15%. So we are all going to the highest heap, and we can see the strength of the players.
The defense penetration does not have to pursue the limit, and the pile up to 15% is almost the same.

Jewelry attribute selection:
Earrings: Crit hit + crit damage (defense penetration, hit, range damage, Boss damage, attack speed)
Ring: Crit hit + Crit damage (defense penetration, hit, range damage, Boss damage, attack speed)
Necklace: Crit hit + Crit damage (defense penetration, hit, physical resistance penetration, Boss damage)

Belts and cloaks are more difficult to obtain, and capable players can choose:
Belt: Crit hit + Crit damage (defense penetration, range damage, Boss damage)
Cloak: defensive penetration (combat hit, crit damage)

Armor property selection:
Hat: Boss damage, hit, agility
Clothes: Boss damage, hit
Gloves: physical resistance penetration
Shoes: Boss damage, agility, movement speed

PVP combat skills
Archer VS Thief, like to take the initiative of the player, you can find the opportunity to move to the enemy in front of the release of Arrow Storm, and then use the Arrow Barrage to defeat the enemy, Use ice arrow and Eagle Claw to slow down the enemy, and Eagle’s Majesty attacks every 3 seconds, which will also cause a knockback effect.
Evasive Salvo and Eagle Glide can also be pulled apart. In battle, keep using Arrow Barrage to damage and repel the enemy.

Players who like defensive counterattacks can wait for the enemy to use Mind Stealer skills to get to the side, use Arrow Storm to control opponents, and use Arrow Barrage to counterattack, ice Arrow and Eagle Claw to slow down enemies. Arrow Storm don’t worry, look at the timing of Mind Stealer.
Release to better control the enemy. Predicting the enemy’s movements, the displacement in the opposite direction pulls away from the distance from the enemy and keeps the output. Arrow Barrage interrupts the enemy’s skills.

In the face of Wizard, you need to pay attention to his Magic Armor. This skill can immunize Archer’s repelling effect, so you need to break the enemy Magic Armor as fast as possible. In the face of remote occupation, you can jump up and release Arrow Barrage because you jump up. Some of the enemy’s skills can’t be hit.

Regardless of the occupations that Archer encounters in PVP, as long as the timing of Arrow Storm is accurate, it will basically stabilize the situation. If you encounter an orange player with an orange outfit and you don’t have an orange weapon, then you don’t have to wait for PK. Winning and losing.
Knight’s defense is very high, no orange weapons, and can’t move at all. But don’t give up immediately. In case this Knight is just equipped, but the operation method is not good, there will be hope of winning. But if you encounter a well-equipped, good-handed Knight, our choice is very small.
Therefore, on the basis of improving the operation method, we also need to use MapleStory 2 Mesos in exchange for high-end equipment or improve the level of equipment enhancement, so as to maintain a relatively high winning rate in PVP.

The sharing of Archer PVP is over here, I hope this content can help everyone, I wish you all a happy game, Bye!