MapleStory 2 Knight 60-level skill plus point analysis and output method introduction

Hello everyone, today U4gm shares with you the skill of Knight 60. In the hearts of many players, Knight is an auxiliary occupation. The meaning of existence is to create a good output environment for other teammates in the team. In fact, after Knight has certain equipment, the output can explode to make you fall below the glasses.

For more gold coins to purchase equipment, please pay attention to MapleStory 2 Mesos. Below, let’s share with you the skills of Knight.

  1. Output type

This set adds a few of Knight’s main output skills. Here mainly talk about why the Shield Mastery is full. Everyone knows this skill. After completely defending the enemy’s attack, it will produce a Buff that increases the damage by 12% within 10 seconds. The damage is obviously obvious, but this set is not based on Shield Wall. Trigger Shield Mastery, but trigger with Shield Booster. Counter damage due to Shield Mastery effect triggered by Shield Booster
It will increase by an additional 3%, which will increase the overall damage by 15%. Due to the limited skill level of level 60, Shield Booster can only add 1 point. When the skill point is increased and the Shield Booster is full, the Buff generated by Shield Mastery can increase the damage by 25%. This is a very scary value.

Output method: Divine Strike is cool to use, Drill Thrust is also good for CD, Stinging Flurry is used to quickly consume SP, when there is no SP, use Cross Cut to restore SP.

Summary: The focus of this set of skills is to seize the opportunity to use Shield Booster to resist enemy attacks, triggering Shield Mastery’s Buff, which is the dividing line of the output type of Knight output. At the same time, Divine Strike and Stinging Flurry need to be set as a combination key to ensure that Divine Strike can be used immediately after the skill is cooled.

If you feel that it is difficult to accurately capture the enemy attack and use Shield Booster for a moment, then you can use the following set of plus points.

Of course, U4gm does not recommend that you add this point. No matter which profession you play, it will be fun to explore the profession constantly. If you simply press the skill button, the fun of the game will be much lower. Although in some copies, because of the failure to accurately use the Shield Booster to block the Boss skills and die, but on the other hand, it also increases its own operating experience, which will continue to improve.

2. Auxiliary type
There are two sets of auxiliary types of Knight, one is to activate one invincible skill, the other is to activate two invincible skills.

Activate an invincible skill:

The output method is the same as the output type of Knight. It should be noted that to keep the Boss Shield Toss to reduce the defense Buff, Warhorn tries to cover more output occupations. When appropriate, open Bulwark protection teammates. Bulwark only adds 7 points here, and it is enough to protect 10 people.

Activate two invincible skills:

This set of additions, abandoned Stinging Flurry, added Defender of the Faith to level 7, the remaining points, added Typhoon Slash
full. The main output skill here becomes Typhoon Slash. The output damage of this skill is not low, but the consumption SP is too high, so there is not much used in the copy. In this program, other skills do not consume SP, the only skill that consumes SP, only Typhoon Slash.

Output method: Keep Buffs of Shield Toss on Boss, Warhorn and Divine Strike are cool, use Typhoon Slash to consume SP when SP is sufficient, Iron Defense can be started when there is no SP, and SP can be restored by Cross Cut You can also use Cross Cut to restore the SP directly. Since Cross Cut only adds 2 points and the skill is relatively low, even if you open Iron Defense, the effect is not very obvious. Therefore, U4gm recommends using Cross Cut directly. It should be noted that Typhoon is used. Don’t open Iron Defense when you’re in Slash.

Well, the introduction of the 60th level of Knight is here. For more professional information, please pay attention to MapleStory 2 Classes, I wish you a happy game, bye!

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