MapleStory 2 Normal Mode — Labyrinth Hall Clearance Raiders

The Temple of Nazkar become as soon as referred to as the house of the light manual, and after an extended time frame, the dragons left right here.
lately, there has been a massive shadow coming again once more, shrouded inside the Karl temple. what’s this dark shadow?

a wide variety of visitors: up to 10 people
Dungeons restrained Time: None
access situations: stage 50 / system factors 2630
crew advice: Priest + 2, the magic machine and the physics output are calmly dispensed.

Dungeons notes:
Dungeons turned into divided into four layers in a labyrinth. before entering, the team becomes assigned outdoor the Dungeons, and the ten-character crew turned into divided into businesses.
the primary three layers of Dungeons are particularly based on the blame. the two teams are divided into organizations to clear the blame. The fourth layer challenges the Dungeons BOSS.
BOSS blood volume of 270 million, with a view to reducing the demise idea, in step with the crew configuration mentioned above to crew up the project, then introduce to you the BOSS competencies and some play precautions.

Customs clearance guide:

The second two teams will continue to clean up the mobs according to the previous division of labor. The players on the left need to pick up the jars and smash to the right side of the “Gracias Scout Captain” to deal damage.

After entering the third floor, the whole team of ten people will first clean up the mobs in the middle of the road, and the middle road is also polluted. Every second will be hurt. It needs Priest to follow. After cleaning, the soldiers will continue to clean up.

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Boss skills:
You beware of these flames

At this time, BOSS will say: Beware of these flames, the pipes on the ground will glow red, and at the same time they will ignite the flames and will die on the flames.
You can use the displacement skill to pass, different occupational displacement skills are different, and the impact is different. The Priest displacement skill can’t be harmed by the flame, and when the Runeblade displacement skill passes, it will cause half of the damage of life, and it has a burning effect. Continue to reduce blood.
Note: Wait until the flame on the ground is complete, you can walk from the side, but also from the poisonous water below, the damage caused by poisonous water is not high, can be used to avoid fleas.
Coping method: At this time, you can stand in the green circle area and output. The melee is output under the BOSS. There must be 1 or 2 Priest followers, pay attention to the BOSS direction.
The flame divides the field into four areas, and the back BOSS will perform flea skills in these areas. Knight has invincible skills to protect other occupations.

Flash laser

This is the easiest to evade skill of BOSS. When the player’s armor is strengthened, this skill will not perform KO on the player. The hit will have a stun effect. Before the skill is launched, the BOSS will accumulate power. It will flash 2 to 3 times and then emit the laser. Attack, the player needs to pay attention to the direction of the laser on the ground.

Flash puncture

At this time, like the flashing laser, BOSS will flash the power in several directions and puncture the direction of one of them. It is also an easy way to avoid.
Be careful not to stand on the tornado to affect the speed of movement.

Open the setting option, in the operation and lens options, adjust the maximum field of view of the setting lens to the highest, so that it is easy to observe the BOSS position flashing puncture position and the distance between the area where the BOSS is located and the area where the BOSS is located.

Summon mobs

At this time, the blood volume of BOSS is already very low. The mobs will stand on the pillars. The melee class can be output below. A remote career like Wizard can release Flame Wave under the mob. If there is no Priest, don’t Jump on the pillar and the mobs cut, the mobs are still very high.

The above is a guide to the labyrinth corridor Dungeons. present-day sharing is right here, I hope to be helpful to all of us. For more data, please be aware of, I want every person can skip the customs, Bye!

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