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Wizard, the genius who arbitrarily controls natural elements, manipulates natural abilities through the staff, masters the three attributes of ice, fire, and thunder, and is full of heroes who are full of hidden knowledge in the world. Of course, as a long-lasting career, after several versions of the replacement, although the first attack of the crown, but no one can match the range of damage ability to make it more adaptable to the current version. After the skill revision, the simpler release makes it easier for the profession to get started, but to master, the mastery also requires control over the release distance and angle of the skill.

Skill analysis

Mana Font: After the exact calculation, the mana recovery rate is 10/s, which is the source of the Wizard skill attack. It is really important to control the mana value. To ensure that Ice Storm and Flame Tornado cool down, you will have enough time. Mana release can guarantee the maximum attack.

Teleport: A skill that has been modified by countless passes but is still the smoothest in all careers. The 40 points of physical strength consumed are also quite satisfactory.

Elemental Master: A skill that must be topped up. The revenue is too high. It is recommended to add a few points.

Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Electromancy, Wizard’s passive skills of attacking the three elements must be full when the skill points are sufficient.

Mana Claw: A skill that does not consume mana, the ballistics are slower, and it is only suitable for use as a fill-in trial in cases of insufficient magic.

Damage index: ★★★

Arcane Blast: Also as a non-magic-killing skill, it is released directly, with 6seconds of cooldown, no ballistics. When the wild mobs are released, the mobs will retreat 1M, with a short stiff effect, in the case of insufficient skill points. You can first fill this skill.

Damage index: ★★★★

Flame Wave: The basic element of fire element, releasing the consumption magic 25 points, no cooling time, has a longer singing time when released, and causes lower burning damage, because the magic is too high, and the singing time is longer, although there is a good Damage value, but still can’t compete with Ice Spear. In the case of insufficient skill points, only 4 points are recommended.

Damage index: ★★★☆

Flame Tornado: The fire element is big, it releases 40 points of magic and has a cooldown of 16 seconds. After the revision, it is released for a fixed point. The operation is simpler and there is a shorter singing time when releasing.
However, the long cooling time and the DEBUFF of the fire element skill damage are removed after the revision, so that the fire element skill exits the Wizard regular output rank, but in the case of sufficient skill points, it is recommended to use the full skill as the attack skill.

Damage index: ★★★★★

Ice Spear: The basic element of the ice element, releasing 20 points of magic consumption, no cooling time, faster release speed, causing damage to the target while causing damage and superimposed ice effect, 6 layers of ice will trigger freezing, It will cause 1.5 seconds of damage to the mobs and people in the wild. Wizard’s main attacking skills, consuming less magic, good damage, release speed, and semi-tracking skills make it a well-deserved regular output skill for Wizard. Recommended to fill up.

Damage index: ★★★★

Ice Storm: The ice element is big, it releases 30 points of magic consumption, and has 12 seconds of cooldown. After the revision, it becomes a tracking type skill. It is 100% hit when the enemy is released in 8M, without the effect of slowing down the ice. It is the highest damage value of all skills in Wizard. The magic consumption of 30 points is simply worth the price. The cooling time of 12 seconds is also the shortest among the 3 big moves. Fill up, don’t need to consider the second time!!

Damage index: ★★★★★★

Chain Lightning: Thunder Elemental Skills, release 15 spells of magic, no cooldown, fast release speed, superimposed on the target unit while causing damage, 5 layers of energy efficiency will trigger lightning, causing damage,
Due to the difficulty of release, the lightning chain can only be used as a weaker skill for the Wizard. It is not recommended to add this skill.

Damage index: ★ ★ ☆

Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt is a big move. It saves 40 spells and has 16 seconds of cooldown. It also ejects nearby units while causing damage. It is a total of 8 times. It is the most obvious skill of all the skills of Wizard. Although it has a super high damage value, due to the weakness of the lightning chain, it is impossible to enter the ranks of the Wizard’s regular attack skills. In the Dungeons with more mobs, it is recommended to exchange the points of the Thunder skills with the file system, which will have a very good effect. ,
It is not recommended to point out this skill for regular additions.

Damage index: ★★★★☆

Magic Armor: Wizard’s only life-saving skill, no magic, 45 seconds of cooling time, due to too long cooling time, only in the case of the new Dungeons or Dungeons attack environment is poor, It is not recommended to have a high point. If the focus is on the Focus Seal, it is only recommended to add 4 points.

Focus Seal: Wizard’s BUFF skills provide a good attack power bonus for the team. In the 10-player team, if the team’s attack power is insufficient and the Wizard is equipped, it is highly recommended to fill the skilled team. Maximize the benefits.

Equipment matching:
Wizard’s glove first selection attribute is magic penetration, and the highest level is preferred. The blue character attribute of other parts preferentially selects the intelligence or magic attack power and the two take the highest value.

The belt should have penetration, attack speed, and long-range damage as much as possible, because the Wizard’s demand for crit is not high, so the belt does not need the property of crit damage.

Jewelry first talk about gems, because the new version of the earrings necklace ring can be opened, the first three jewels choose the weapon attack power, this property has the most benefit, then the gain of weapon attack is slowly reduced, then we can choose 4- Five intellectual gems are added as attributes, and one hit jewel guarantees its own hit. In terms of blue character attributes, jewelry needs to match the overall attack speed. When the attack speed reaches 115 or so, there is no need to stack more attack speed properties. In this case, you need to increase the range damage, boss damage, and magic or total defense penetration.

Weapons choose a high level of reinforcement. Because of the higher weapon damage value, the same level of equipment, a higher level of reinforcement will bring higher returns. In the blue character attribute, you can choose the total defensive penetration and magic penetration, or intelligence and magic attack power. Of course, the weapon attack attached to the weapon itself is also an important choice. A weapon attack and blue character attached to a good weapon are indispensable.

Dungeons positioning
The version has changed a bit. I don’t know when it started. Wizard’s role in Dungeons is to clean up the mobs, freeze the enemy, and give the team BUFF. But the Wizard’s extremely high outbreak and the new Thunderbolt after the revision made the Wizard easier to clean up the mobs. After many trials, among the many new Dungeons, Wizard played a crucial role in the Dungeons pre-cleaning mobs. In the advanced raid Dungeons, Wizard’s new skills Thunderbolt in the P1, P2 stage of the attack is not behind other T1 attack occupations and even can open them a lot, but these gaps will be in the BOSS stage Slowly recovering, it can be seen that the continued attack of the Wizard is still relatively weak. Of course, a good Wizard, the hit rate of skill release is also a focus of consideration, because Wizard’s skill CD is long and the mana cost is high. A skill miss may lose a lot of attack value, so familiar skills release distance, angle And BOSS’s acting skills, you can make an amazing attack in the Dungeons battle.

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