Messi as a world footballer? Patrice Evra: I m sorry to give him the balloon d Or

Lionel Messi may also be hopes for the balloon d Or in the year. Ex-professional Patrice Evra would not find the seventh world footballer award for the striker of Paris Saint-Germain.

In my opinion, the balloon d Or is thought of edge or Jorginho this year. I m sorry to give him Messi, the Frenchman is quoted by the MARCA and the English M irror .

Accordingly, Messi, who had changed from FC Barcelona to PSG last summer, has not made too little to earn the award. What did he win last year? Okay, the Copa America. And what did he do with Barcelona? Evra, who once played for Manchester United and Juventus Turin.

Edge and Jorgho had recovered the Champions League with FC Chelsea last season. Jorginho also won the European Championship with Italy and was awarded as Europe s footballer of the year.

Coach legend Sir Alex Ferguson is of the opinion that Cristiano Ronaldo has earned the award. This year he broke record to record, said Ferguson, who had been the Küngle on the scales at the return of the Portuguese to Manchester United.

Ballon d Or: Ferguson speaks for Ronaldo

The Ballon d Or has only one name: Cristiano Ronaldo, he also said to France Football. Ronaldo has never been so deserved as this year. Top scorer in the series A and the euro. He holds the Record for goals in the Champions League and is the only one who has won everything in three different countries .

Ferguson continued to swarm: He is the best scorer in the history of football. It is crucial, it must be so for the trophy, because he continues to be the best player in history.

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