No need to match the song! A new sensory rhythm game that blows trombone freely! Today’s Steam’s Featured Game 8 Selections [September 19, 2022]

Omega Strikers

This work is a 3VS3 knockout striker game by staff involved in League of Legends and team fight tactics. Players choose a character with its own abilities, called striker, and challenge the game with the team. In the game, it is a victory condition to put a ball called core in the goal and earn a score before the opponent’s team, and during the game, attacking other players inhibits actions and various conditions. It is possible to satisfy the character and level up.

Card Survival: Tropical Island (early access graduation)

This work is a simulation game where you can experience survival life when left out on an uninhabited island in a card game. Players will create original characters that set their physical, spiritual characteristics and skills, and will survive on an uninhabited island with various environments such as jungles and caves. There are a variety of physical condition numbers, from weight to octopus, sunburn, insect bite, and stool hardness, and some advanced health systems that manage them. It seems that you can live a rich life if you use crafts and use various items such as tools, weapons, housing, clothes, and medicine.

My Museum Prologue: Treasure Hunter

This is a museum-operated simulator game that allows you to experience a wide range of experiences, from collection of exhibits to renovation in the hall. Players aim to rebuild and develop the museum inherited from their grandfather. The museum management starts with the dismantling of the existing interior with a hammer, exploring various archeological sites, collecting relics, restored, and exhibited in the renovated hall. This is the prologue version of this work allows you to explore the pyramid, and in the product version, you can collect relics in a bunker that seems to have been used during the war.

Trombone Champ

In this work, the world’s first rhythm game using trombone, you can play freely without playing music that flows different from general sound games. The songs include more than 20 songs, such as classical, electronica, and forks, and you can enjoy elements such as collection of 50 unique trombone cards.


Unlike the free version distributed in January 2022, the new game released this time will be developed in a completely new story. In commemoration of the release, orders for special sets with new goods such as official setting materials and four self-portrait postcards have been started. The shipment after receiving an order is scheduled for mid-November to mid-December. In the story, the protagonist of an occult magazine reporter was involved in various fear phenomena while staying at a hotel in Aokami-cho, and while examining the phenomena and Aogami-cho, he encountered a mystery of a female student called Mishra Kong. It is a content to escape from the town.


This work is FPS developed by Build Engine used for Duke Nuke 3D and Ion Fury. Players will be Diane Allen, who have just discharged the special unit, to search for missing friends. In the game, three AIs who take unique actions become friends and support players. The enemy AI is sophisticated and takes advanced tactics, hiding, ambushing, working together and attacking.

Paradox of Hope VR

This work is a single player VR shooter with a high immersion and story character that combines survival and horror elements. Explore the post-apocalypse-like Moscow subway and achieve his goal in stealth and battle. Modify weapons and upgrade equipment to expand the weapon. In addition to single-play campaign mode, there are also raids modes where you can enjoy endless survival with automatic generated maps.

IDLE Training

This work is an abandoned game that states that you can continue playing for years. In the game, it is unlocked enough to play content such as mining, fishing, pet breeding, potion manufacturing, and construction. The progress will continue to operate offline. Currently, there are 21 types of skills to improve, each of which interacts with other skills. Further content will be added in future updates.



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