Postbank makes a big change: Customers absolutely need the app in the future

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2 min readMay 25, 2022

At a bank, customers have been tied up without the appraisal app of the credit institution. Consumers should prepare for changes.

Dortmund-On May 24, 2022, Postbank hires the chiptan process. Then customers can only access their account via the app.

Bank app is mandatory: Millions of German customers affected

According to CHIP, Postbank customers have already been informed about the innovations. Now the time has actually come: “We will finally switch off the security procedure Postbank Chiptan on May 24, 2022,” the company said. Then millions of customers of the bank can only access their account online with the “Postbank BestSign” app.

The release of orders, view account sales and download account statements will also be difficult without this app. In order for customers to continue to be able to act, the Postbank best-sign procedure should be set up as soon as possible. The bank’s app is required for this, which is available for both Android and iOS (more digital news at Millions).

Bank app is mandatory: that changes for millions of customers

Access and transactions must be confirmed during online banking. So far, customers of Postbank have done this with the help of the so-called chiptan procedure, but this method is no longer possible from May 24th.

Instead, customers have to go to the best-sign procedure, because they simply don’t have anything else. Sparkassen and Volksbank customers are also like this: The two banks will still stop the TAN procedure in 2022.

However, consumers can choose between two variants at Postbank: on the one hand, there is the app, which must be linked to the account. As soon as confirmation is necessary, the software shows a notification. This can then be typed and the transaction is released. This variant is free of charge for all consumers.

Postbank stops a TAN procedure: This is how millions of bank customers continue

Best sign can also be used via an additional device. This allows the transaction to be released at the push of a button. This variant should be advantageous of the security aspect, but the SEAL one device required for this costs around 30 euros. But not only Postbank, but also Targobank customers have to prepare for innovations. Digitization therefore continues to use it in the bank industry.

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