Riot, Arcane Release of the game

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-Soo] Riot Games is a Riotx Arcane event, which applies to all the games to commemorate the launch of the first feature animation series ACCANE based on the League of Legend I announced on two days.

The Riotx Arcain event is a 2021 League of Legend World Championship final and Arcain Premier Event in this weekend.

The event is a League of Legend (LOL), League of Legend: Wild Lift (Wild Lift), Legend of Legs (LOR), Strategic Team Combat (TFT), Battered Games, etc. Enjoy.

Each game s event continues to emerge new content and updates as the theme of animation topics and contents, depending on the process of unfolding the episode of Arcane.

LOL applies to Champain, Bai, and Jays Cadlin, which appeared on November 16, and a 2022 free season update, including free skins such as Bai, Jays Cadlin. A variety of themes are expected to appear on the canyon of the summoner.

Wild lifts have been provided with Acein Baying Party Event, which provides Rewards from Akne Published. Cadlin, a story event that appears appeared, and Bai and Jinsin s two main character skins are also released.

LOR launches the new game mode (PVE mode) path. The player plays the adventure of the Jingx first, and then you can choose a beam, echo, Caitlin, and Jays. If you clear the adventure of the Field Over & Troubleshoot, you will be able to explore the champion of Ionia and Biljiewater, and then you will be added to more champions and regions. Jays are also released on the PVP mode with a new champion card.

Strategic Team Battle is also a new mode double-up game on November 17th. The first mini champion also appears. The mini champion has the power to open the team combat and the dimension of the kid legend. The cute mini champion, which also shows great dancing and songs to the player, is also an inverted point that it has the power that can cause huge damage to the enemy.

Arcane also appears on the Balolator, which is an external world that has not been applied by the worldview of LOL. At this event, the Balotians will be a fan of LOL. In addition, Acein related products are released, and on November 7, a new agent chamber appears.

Sarah Schutz Riot Games Experience The Evangeler s executive officer said, We have made a lol IP s origin game as the starting point of experience associated with Achan, said All players are in their favorite games, I would like to enjoy Acein in a way, he said.

I also have a digital event that I can explore according to the story of Arcane. The user can identify the newly released information every week on the Riotx Arcy World site, and adventure a special compensation while adventuring the story in the story.

The start of the RIOTX Arcane event is 2021 LOL World Championship. This year s event is hosted by the master card, games, sports and entertainment are available. The main character of the final opening show is the GRAMMY AWARDS Award-winning Rock Band Imagine Dragons. K / DA member Evelyn non-Miller, Rock Band Paris, JID, and Denzel Care, also appeared.

2021 LOL World Championship Opening Ceremony will begin on Saturday, November 6th and relayed in the official website of LOL E Sports, YouTube, and Twitches.

The first Global Premier event is opened at 9:30 am on the next day at 9:30 am. The first episode of the Arcane is simultaneously relayed around the world at the official twitch channel and the Achan microsite. The event will be held in Riot Games headquarters in Los Angeles. This place has streamers with more than 30 countries, and the media were also laid a red carpet event in a new way.

Niccolo multiple rentals (Nicolo Laurent) Riot Games CEO, said, We have been introducing new games and try to provide content that can deliver the core value of LoL in every moment of the player in the whole process to expand the e-Sports Business and The widening them to enjoy our games ever now, through animation arcane hands with players from around the world will be a place to catch the game in the center of the global entertainment industry.

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