Survive The Zombie Apocalypse: The Top 10 Skills You Need To Survive In may seem like a simple mobile game about zombies, but time can take its development. You will never attack enemies directly, instead relying on weapons and supply skills. Subsequent EVE skills that they create during the unification should always be in your head when you choose the skills at the level. Here is our rating of the best skills Eve in

Not all skills in are the same. Eve skills are the highest level of skills that you can get. You do this, combining weapons skills with supplies. We distributed all EVE skills in four levels so that you know what to pay attention to when choosing between three when increasing the rank.

The destroyer can be obtained from a five-star type B drone in combination with a five-star Type-A drone. This is an insanely effective turret that will work well both against bosses and against mobs. Combine the destroyer with a medical drone to get the maximum attacking and defensive power, the divine destroyer.

Who does not like a good trap? The hellish bomb is obtained by combing a five-star modular mine and five-star hammers. Like the fuel barrel-bochling Eve skill can apply powerful and wide attacks in the area that leave a protracted fire to destroy enemies and provide some cover for your survivor.

This EVE skill can be obtained by uniting a five-star soccer ball with the skill of supplying sports shoes. This is a fairly powerful offensive weapon, which is even more convenient due to increasing the speed of movement from the supply skill. It is convenient when you need to quickly dodge.

Gone from the five-star skill of weapons of the lightning emitter and the skill of supplying a cube of energy. This EVE skill is evidence that Thor will survive the apocalypse. It is effective both against mobs and bosses and works in a wider range than most EVE skills.

Combine the skill of weapons of a five-star guard with an ex-bracer supply skill to get this EVE skill. This is definitely not the most aggressive option, but it is crucial for creating some space between you and mobs. This is the best protective choice when you need it.

And combine the five-star skill of Molotov’s weapon and the skill of supplying oil bonds to make a fuel barrel. Like the hellish bomb, she will leave lights on the ground, into which you can catch enemies. What restrains it is a weak supply skill necessary for its receipt.

Simple but effective.

The One Ton Iron Eve skill can be obtained by combining the skill of five-star brick weapons with a fitness management skill. He strikes, but he also has a small protective advantage from increasing the HP, given by the supply skill, which is useful at higher levels.

This EVE skill comes from the five-star skill of weapons in the role-playing game in combination with the fuel supply skill of HEB. This is an effective shell, but not as strong as Supercell. The bonus to ammunition and the range of weapons from the skill of The Fuels Supply still makes this Eve skill insignificant. Lightning bomb Combine a five-star modular mine from five stars of lightning emitter. Lightning is striking only once, so this EVE skill costs lower than the hellish bomb. It is powerful, but not as convenient as a trap that leaves a protracted fire to burn the enemies to the ground.

And the skill of shooting from five-star weapons in combination with the skill of supplying ammunition to make this EVE skill. You will feel like Honda, directly tying enemies and bosses at a distance to keep them in fear.

This is a five-star Dorian in combination with the skill of supplying the fuel herself. Effectively, a gun with a shark’s mouth is better for you. If you cannot make the RPG card come up, it can be a good replacement.

To get this EVE skill, combine a five-star laser laser laser weapon skill with an energy cube of supply skill. To reload bonus that gives this supply skill is very convenient, but it is better to use it for Supercell. No questions.

Combine the skill of five-star Moonshine cutting weapons with the skill of supplying Robin Osorio. This EVE can be effective, but in fact only in combination with Katina or Light Chaser Weapons. Otherwise, it does not stand out very well on its own.

And the skill of weapons of the five-star Force field device in combination with the skill of supplying an energy drink is far from protection to be at hand. Healing from the supply skill is not so useful when you are in a real brine. If you want to survive the apocalypse, you need to deal with it.

This EVE skill is obtained by combining a five-star boomerang skill with a high-power magnet supply skill. The distance of the drawing that gives you the supply skill is not very good, since you will probably move around the field. He also does not cause sufficient damage.

You will begin every level without skills, but every time you increase the level, you will receive a new one. To increase the level, collect colored diamonds scattered on the ground after winning the enemies. The skills that you can get every time will be selected randomly. You can choose between three different weapons and supply skills.

The skills that you have already received can also randomly increase with each boss that you win. You can use up to six weapons skills and six supply skills at the same time. If you have the correct combination of the skill of handling weapons and the supply skill, the weapon can be pumped above the fifth level to the EVE skill. This is usually super, forced weapons. Unless you decide to aim at a power barrier or magnetic reflector, which we strongly do not recommend you to do. Want to know more about Need codes? Check out the codes (January 2023) here in Pro Game Guides.



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