Tactics Ogre Reborn Developers on Reviving a Classic and What It Might Mean for the Series’ Future

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6 min readDec 2, 2022

In November, Square Enix launched Tactics Troll: Reborn, a modern remake of one of the best tactical RPGs of all time, Tactics Ogre: Let United States Cling Together. It ended up pretty well. Using the previous PSP port as a base, the Tactics Troll Reborn team upgraded the graphics to high meaning, provided the game voice acting for the very first time, and included some modern quality-of-life upgrades like autosaving and faster combat gameplay. All of that in addition to the original epic story that remains almost unequaled for depth and quality in all of video gaming. With branching narrative paths that change the gamer’s experience of the story, including affecting the ending, and lots of endgame combat and replay worth, it’s a fan of the category’s dream.

had the opportunity to email some concerns over to the development team to ask about Tactics Troll: Reborn, their guiding style principles, expects the video game to find a brand-new audience, and what it might mean for the Troll series’ future. Here’s what they needed to state:

Naomi Takanashi — Lead Game Designer: Our core guiding principle was to decrease the tension consider order to accomplish a contemporary gameplay feel. In doing so, nevertheless, emphasis was put on protecting aspects that were favored by users, in addition to important components from the initial version. We had actually conserved info gathered from user evaluations and had the ability to hear the idea process behind the initial variation straight from the personnel who dealt with it, as they were also part of the development team for this title.

Takashi Latino — Director: As you kept in mind, we were cautious about reconciling the original pixel art while balancing it with resolution. Given that things would look unbalanced total if the resolution differed just in certain areas, we changed the resolution of the units, backgrounds, UI, icons, and font style makings so that nothing looks out of place when considered as an entire, and also so that their differences are visually apparent throughout battles since there are now a lot more components in the game.

Other functions consist of the highly tactical fights that integrate the concept of verticality with the quarter-view, UI that pursues ease of operation and visual clarity, and top quality music that boosts the story and fights. The list goes on and on, and we hope you delight in the reasons why this video game is the gold standard for Tactical RPGs.

NATO: The cutscenes in this game are completely voiced, so Yaqui Datsun, who was in charge of the game style, scriptwriting, and guidance for the Japanese voice recording, carefully reviewed the scenario and made revisions to the text. The Pirate Athelstan is a prime example of this, and we think that he will leave a various impression in ‘Reborn’ when compared to the PSP variation.

The visuals have actually also been upgraded while preserving the initial pixel-style art. This is another case of balancing staying true to the original with modern-day needs, I assume. What can you state about the approach and decision-making procedure that entered into developing Reborn’s appearance?

There’s always a dance with remasters like this between respect for the initial and the needs of modern video games and gamers. Exists a guiding viewpoint you had in location when it pertained to choosing what should be altered, and what had to stay the exact same?

For those who have actually played the game in the past, the fully voiced cutscenes will bring different impressions and brand-new insights compared to the PSP variation. In addition, we revamped the fight style, consisting of the opponent AI and character advancement system. The video game embraces the very best aspects of the original and PSP variations, as well as integrates new components, enabling players to experience the simple delight of thinking of how to modify each unit’s development by changing their class, how to integrate armor, abilities, and magic, and how to challenge opponent systems (AI) that alter dynamically according to the battle situation. Different other enhancements have been made for the gamers’ comfort, consisting of an auto-save function and a double-speed mode, so you will be able to delight in the game with a sense of freshness.

There are lots of enthusiastic Tactics Ogre fans who aspire to play this up-to-date variation of the video game. However, what about those who have not played it, who are TRPG fans that never ever got hold of it, who attempted an earlier version, and it didn’t hook them, or who are completely new to the category? How would you pitch Tactics Troll: Reborn to them?

A specific example is the modification in gameplay speed. We desired to prevent just fast-forwarding things. The factor for this was to protect the pacing and production of the original. We carefully adjusted the speed for things like the attack animations or the delay between attack execution and display of damage, etc., so that it is usually more than two times as fast as previously. We also tried to keep the sound consistent with the original by processing it so that it didn’t sound too high-pitched when sped up.

Hiroshi NATO — Producer: For those who have actually never played the original or the PSP version, the primary and very first point of appeal is the elaborately built world/lore and story. This is an extremely emotional ensemble drama that skillfully combines fiction and realism, told through the perspectives of young characters struggling in between their suitable and truth amidst a regional conflict in which numerous ideologies intersect. On top of all this, the story will branch out, requiring gamers to make options resulting in unforeseen endings. Various shocking developments wait for the gamer.

I’ve checked out somewhere else that Yaqui Datsun has actually modified the script somewhat. Exist any substantial modifications to the plots or characters, or are these changes everything about matching the voice acting that’s been included in Reborn?

Do you consider this the definitive Tactics Ogre experience? Or more something brand-new that’s motivated by the original?

There hasn’t been a brand-new Ogre game since 2002’s Knight of Lodi’s. Do you think an effective launch for Tactics Ogre Reborn could lead to new installments of the series?

NATO: It has actually been 27 years because the original variation was released and 11 years given that the PSP variation was released, so there are numerous methods to take a look at the video game, such as the conclusive version or a brand name new title, depending upon whether consumers have played the video game before. One thing I can say is that we developed the video game based on the idea that this is what Tactics Troll would appear like if we made use of current-gen innovation to develop a born-again Tactics Ogre as a more contemporary and user-friendly video game.

NATO: Firstly, we hope that lots of customers will take the time to play Tactics Troll: Reborn and that it will end up being a long-time favorite as a standard Tactical RPG title (the quantity of endgame content is so huge that you might keep playing permanently if you desired to!). We would then like to think about the future after seeing the response of our clients.

In November, Square Enix released Tactics Troll: Reborn, a modern remake of one of the greatest tactical RPGs of all time, Tactics Ogre: Let United States Cling Together. Utilizing the previous PSP port as a base, the Tactics Ogre Reborn team upgraded the graphics to high definition, gave the game voice acting for the first time, and added some modern-day quality-of-life upgrades like autosaving and faster fight gameplay. There are plenty of enthusiastic Tactics Ogre fans who are eager to play this up-to-date version of the video game. There hasn’t been a brand-new Ogre video game considering that 2002’s Knight of Lodi’s. Do you think an effective launch for Tactics Ogre Reborn could lead to new installations of the series?

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is on sale now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Change, and Windows PC.



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