What is Diofield’s Chronicle? Release date, platforms, strategy and more!

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2 min readJul 13, 2022

The strategy genre is expanding with Square Enix’s The DioField Chronicle. This game is a unique take on real-time tactical combat and offers a gritty and gripping storyline. You might want to know more about The DioField Chronicle.

Everything we know about The DioField Chronicle

Deep and strategic battles await you in The DioField Chronicle. Prepare to make painful decisions or face the loss of team members in this new strategy RPG from Square Enix, the sequel to the acclaimed tactical title Triangle Strategy. You can find everything we know about The DioField Chronicle below.

What is the release date for The DioField Chronicle?

DioField Chronicle is scheduled to release on September 22, 2022. You can follow the official Diofield Chronicle on Twitter to stay updated and get more information. You can also pre-order the game before it’s released.

What platforms will The DioField Chronicle be on?

DioField Chronicle is a multi-platform release and will be available almost everywhere. Here you can play The DioField Chronicle:

  • PlayStation 4
  • prefix 5

* Nintendo Switch Xbox One Xbox Series X|S * PC (Steam)

Is The DioField Chronicle a strategy game?

You can experience a unique take on the strategy and tactics genre with The DioField Chronicle. The battle takes place in realistic diorama-style battles scenes in detailed environments. Command your troops as a general with real-time judgment and issue orders to decide the fate of the battle.

Troops have different strengths and weaknesses that you will need to use to your advantage and protect in order to defeat your enemies. Use different skills, classes, equipment and strategies to complete your tasks and keep your soldiers alive.

The DioField Chronicle Pre-Order and Early Purchase Bonuses

You have until December 31st, 2022 to receive The DioField Chronicle early purchase bonuses. Bonuses can be obtained in the game during Chapter 1, Episode 2. These are:

Standard version

  • Weapon : Rhopasto Knife (Standard Edition, Early Purchase, Exclusive Color)
  • Accessory : Rookie Bracelet

Digital Extended Edition

  • Weapon : Ropasto Knife
  • Accessory : Rookie Bracelet
  • Early access from 09/20/2022
  • Early Purchase Period : Until 12/31/2022

DioField chronicle trailer

DioField Chronicle has received a release date trailer that has been uploaded to Square Enix’s official YouTube channel. You can get a glimpse of the world, characters, and gameplay in this new trailer below.

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