What is the best Deoxys Forme in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go Deoxis is the legendary Pokemon, which happens in several different forms. There is attack , defense , speed and also ordinary . Deoxis is available in raid battles during the first part of the Pokémon Go light season. Players will have to fight with deoxis in raids to get these different forms, so it is better to know which of them is best suited for their game style before spending a raid pass to battle.

Four different forms of Deoxys for the most part speak for themselves. However, for some players it may be unclear which form, since some of them may look very similar. The best forms are listed below for each goal, attack and protection.

As the players might suggest, attack of deoxis the best form for applying pure damage. This form does not have the highest level of health, so it can be quickly knocked down in battle, but with strategic use, deoxis can cause great damage to opponents.

Deoxis protection -The best form for those who need a sponge for damage. This Pokemon has excellent protection and HP, and it can stand well in battle. Despite the fact that this is not the best attacking player, this form can also cause great damage.

In the main games Pokémon, the change in the form of deoxis was different, but in Pokémon Go this is not so. At the time of writing, players could change the form of deoxis as soon as it was caught. The only way to get a different form of Deoxys is to fight this form in raid battle, and then successfully capture it.

A striking brilliant form of deoxis is available in Pokémon Go. Players need to fight him in raid battles to get this shine until they catch yellow deoxis. It can be difficult to do, since the rate of appearance of its brilliant shape is extremely low.

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