Why are silver and gold bullion in The Diofield Chronicle are used

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At the beginning of the first chapter, you could get silver and gold bullion as a reward for the execution of quests. Nevertheless, The Airfield Chronicle does not really tell you why they are used andwhen they can be used. This leadership is designed to answer this question.

How to use silver and gold bullion in The Airfield Chronicle

Silver and gold bullion (known as Rival as well as Plectrum in the game) are used for unlock new weapons at the institute. This is the same owner of the store that controls the skills tree. The weapon development menu will be available at Chapter two after completing Cod weight The value of weapons service . You can also immediately improve the development of weapons to the second rank by laying out 1,500G.

Like a tree of skills, the development of weapons shares improvements according to the types of units:

Soldier *: dagger, sword, ax Cavalier : Spear, claw sniper : onion, gun/crossbow * magician : staff, rod

After unlocking, a special weapon will be available for purchase at store . Later, Rival and Plectrum can be bought in a store when it rises to the fifth rank. The call for this will be available in the fifth chapter.

What weapons need to be unlocked first in The Airfield Chronicle

Since your main dealers of damage are Andreas and Captain, put your gold ingots in daggers and states the first. Then unlock the sword, as special swords increase protection. Special bows significantly increase the rate of good luck, which makes them an ideal weapon for the element, from which you can make a deadly sniper.

But besides this, it is completely normal to invest your resources in the weapons of the characters that you often use!

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