Without Item Shop and without pay2Win. Warhammer online today celebrates his birthday

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (formally abbreviated as WAR) was an enormously multiplayer online parlor game based on Gamings Workshop s Warhammer Fantasy setting, established by Mythic Home entertainment and also released by Digital Arts in 2008. The game focused on the constant globally dispute that the Warhammer Fantasy setting is recognized for, as well as the game is tailored towards continuous, consistent battle laced with dark humour. Age of Reckoning wound up marketing over a million duplicates as well as peaking at 800,000 customers, yet went down to 300,000 clients a number of months later. The video game obtained usually favorable evaluations from movie critics yet closed down in 2013. Considering that at least 2014, an active personal web server called Return of Reckoning has been run by followers, and it stays active as of July 2021.

  • But Warhammer online was closed in 2013

You are right, it was closed, but contrary to appearances, it was not the end of this Warhammer. Soon after a fan version — Return of Reckoning was created, which took on former warhamer players and who works with successes until today.

You can even say that in some respects, Return of Reckoning is better than your prototype. We get a very regular update here, and players do not have to worry about their portfolios.

Return of Reckoning works as a full-floppy free-to-play product. Without Item Shop, without microtransaction, without the shadow of Pay2Win. This is an essential condition for ROR to legally to act on the market.

As the creators, we can not accept any donations or even we do not want to. Simply play, have fun and distribute information about this great server.

The thirteenth birthday of Warhammer online (celebrated inside Return of Reckoning) bind to a double expa, a virtual meeting with ROR developers and a mass PvP event, which will take up today about 21:00 Polish time.

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