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Dominating Blow
- Now after you hit an enemy with Dominating Blow, you are going to apply a debuff for any quick duration. If a non-unique enemy dies while affected by the debuff, its corpse will be consumed, and also a Sentinel of Dominance minion with the same rarity and mods are going to be summoned.
- You could have as much as 9 Normal-rarity, 3 Magic-rarity, and 1 Rare-rarity Sentinel of Dominance.
- Attacks against Special enemies possess a 10% likelihood to summon a Normal-rarity Sentinel of Dominance.
- Offers 140% of base damage at gem level 1, as much as 172% at gem level 20.
- Base debuff duration is 1 second, and base minion duration is 20 seconds at all gem levels.

Static Strike
- Now any time you hit an enemy with Static Strike, you might achieve a buff which causes you to hit nearby enemies with beams often, dealing attack harm. The beams deal more damage even though you’re moving than though that you are stationary. The buff can stack up to three times, increasing the frequency with which the beams strike.
- Bargains 100% of base harm at gem level 1, up to 146% at gem level 20.
Beams deal 60% much less harm even though stationary, and 40% much less when moving. This penalty drops slightly because of the gem levels.
- Beams can hit as much as four targets at gem level 1, and as much as six at gem level 20.
- The base buff duration is four seconds, and every stack increases the beam’s striking frequency (which is just about every 0.4 seconds) by 10%.

Caustic Arrow
- Now bargains harm in an area about the targeted location, before leaving a lingering patch of Caustic Ground which deals Chaos damage over time. As Caustic Ground can be a ground kind (akin to Burning Ground), it’ll not affect flying monsters like Raging Spirits.
- Now features a base duration of 2 seconds at all levels.
- 60% of Physical Harm is now converted to Chaos Damage e (previously, Caustic Arrow added additional Chaos harm primarily based on Physical damage).
- Now deals seven base Chaos harm per second at gem level 1, as much as 1714.eight base Chaos harm per second at gem level 20.

Other Expertise
Fire Nova Mine
- Base damage increased by 25% at all gem levels.

Fire Trap
- Base harm in the initial explosion increased by 40%, plus the base damage more than time enhanced by 20% at all gem levels.

Lightning Trap
- Base damage improved by 40% at all gem levels.

Ice Trap
- Base damage elevated by 40% at all gem levels.

Explosive Trap
- Base damage increased by 40% at gem levels four and up. At gem levels 1 to 4, the damage has been increased, slightly a lot more at every single level as much as level four.

Frost Bomb
- Now reduces Energy Shield Regeneration Price and Recovery Price, not only Life Regeneration Price.

Shield Charge
- Now has three distinct sections — the commence of your charge, the movable element on the charge, as well as the attack at the end of your charge. Your weapon’s base attack time now affects the begin and finish, and movement speed and increases to worldwide attack speed now affect the middle. Neighborhood attack speed modifiers no longer affect the middle movement component from the charge, whereas previously they would.
- In other words, although making use of Brightbeak will bring about the begin and end in the charge to become quicker, it is going to not lead to you to move from point A to point B any more swiftly. For that, you may need to invest in global attack speed and movement speed.
- To help compensate for this loss in movement speed for most characters, Shield Charge now gains 1% increased movement speed as the gem levels up.

Flame Dash
- Base cast time lowered to 0.7 seconds (from 0.75 seconds).
- Range increased by 20%, bringing it in line with Leap Slam and Charged Dash.
- Now gains 4% elevated cooldown recovery speed per gem level, as much as 76% at gem level 20.
- Quality bonus now grants 1% enhanced cooldown recovery speed per 1% quality (was previously 1% cast speed per 2% high-quality).

Lightning Warp
- Base cast time lowered to 0.85 seconds (from 1 second).
Now has a 20% reduced duration at gem level 1 (from 0%), up to 39% decreased duration at gem level 20 (up from 38%).

Rain of Arrows
- Now incorporates the “Projectile” tag around the ability gem.

- Base variety decreased by 20% at all levels.
- Base explosion radius decreased to 15 (from 16) at all levels. Radius now grows more slowly, gaining +1 to radius one gem level later than previously.

Kinetic Blast
- Now deals 35% significantly less Region Harm (down from 25% less).
- Explosion placement has been reworked. They may be now divided across four equal arcs (like pizza slices). In cases where there’s no space in an arc that it could place an explosion, that explosion just isn’t placed. Explosion spacing is also now more normal. The net result is that in open spaces, the location coverage will, on typical, be much more even, but single-target harm in tight spaces is now lower.

Orb of Storms
- Can now be cast by mines, traps, totems, and can be triggered.

Molten Shell
- Mana cost elevated to 12 at gem level 1 (up from eight) as much as 28 at gem level 20 (similar as previously).

Earthquake and Vaal Earthquake
- The aftershock now bargains 70% (up from 50%) a lot more damage with hits and ailments (as opposed to every single form of damage) at all gem levels.

Vaal Righteous Fire
- Now sacrifices the volume of Life and Energy Shield from Power Shield before Life. In other words, low-life should not possess the talent to disable on use provided that they’ve sufficient Energy Shield to cover each the Life and Energy Shield charges.

Vaal Molten Shell
- Now features a Soul Gain Prevention duration of 7 seconds (up from five).

Vaal Clarity
- Now includes a Soul Get Prevention duration of 14 seconds (up from 12).

Help Gem Balance Multiple Traps
- Now causes supported skills to deal 50% much less damage at gem level 1 (from 40%) as much as 31% much less damage at gem level 20 (from 21%).

Cluster Traps
- Now causes supported expertise to throw up to 2 additional traps at all levels (down from 3).

Physical Projectile Attack/Vicious Projectiles
- Physical Projectile Attack has been renamed Vicious Projectiles.
In addition to 30% more Physical projectile attack damage and 10% significantly less Projectile attack speed, It now causes supported expertise to deal 30% much more Chaos harm more than time and 30% a lot more — — Physical damage more than time (as opposed to extra damage with Bleeding and Poison particularly) at gem level 1.

- Now causes supported expertise to deal 55% significantly less Mine damage at gem level 1 (down from 40% substantially less), as much as 36% much less Mine harm at gem level 20 (down from 21%).

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